Frequently Asked Questions

Our team at Superpool are happy to answer any questions you may have. Feel free to fill in the contact form with any queries, we will cover many of the frequently asked questions here.

We are as realistic as we can be on lead times at Superpool and won't offer a product we dont think we can have, in a stated and agreed time frame. There are still Ocassional supply change problems but these have lessened over the last 6 months.

For most tables and furniture products, lead times are 6 - 10 weeks unless stated otherwise.

So all lead times are approximate, but correct at the point of purchase. Never forget that you can always request a refund if the time line causes any inconvenience. Thats always part of the deal.

The general rule is 4' cueing space all the way round the table. A standard cue is 57" long or nearly 5'. However, when playing a ball on the cushion you play in a downward motion, not a full cueing stance. The full stance isnt really required, or possible, till your about 6"s into the table. Add that to the 4"s of cushion and top frame to the side of the table, and its almost a foot. So hence the 4' rule.

You should also remember that the room required is over waist height, so an Island, or unit, may not be 4' away but isn't high enough to interfere. Just remember you need foot space to move though!

As a guide

6' x 3' English Pool table - Room Size 14' x 11' minimum

7' x 4' English Pool table - Room Size 15' x 12' minimum

7' x 4 American Pool table - Room Size 16' x 14' minimum

Don't forget you can get smaller cues. 6' tables are generally supplied with 48" cues.

In Britain we use our own English Pool Tables. Back in the 50's and 60's most tables were brought in from America and Europe, especially France (Rene Pierre) and Italy (Garlando). However we generally found the table to be too big for our pubs and clubs and the game needed to make money and therefore grow as a bar income stream  

By the early 70's pool had become very popular and finally a UK company called Superleague entered the market and created a table we would all recognise today.

They used the standard snooker sizing terms of 7' x 4' and 6’ x 3’ tables. But instead of relating this to the playing surface, as is normal in Snooker and American pool (making the tables external measurements 8' x 5'), they made the external measurement 7' x 4'. So English tables are smaller in size to their American equivalent making them far more suitable to our pub and club environments.

Because of the tables resizing we also changed the ball size. UK tables use a 2" ball whilst the Ameriican game is played with 2 1/4" Balls.

Many think the American game is easy because of the big ball, big pocket style table. With our 2" ball, our pockets are tighter and it is harder to pot. However, for anyone thinking that way, you should watch how Ronnie O'Sullivan fared on his travel program "Ronnie O'Sullivans American Hustle", oft repeated on the History Channel!

The English tables standard size is 7' x 4'. That is the tables external measurement and is NEVER referred by its playing surface which is 6' x 3'. The 6' x 3' which is actually only 10" smaller in the length and 10cms smaller in the width, is the smaller version for tighter spaces.

Most pub pool tables are difficult to level. That's not just because they can be often moved for functions and aren't put back in the right place, but generally because they suffer from "dishing".


The slates on English 6' and 7' tables weigh approximately 100kgs. Most UK tables are made from MDF and then laminated. Often they don't have enough support to allow the slate bed to lie completely flat across the table. This means the slate bows or "Dishes" in the middle. It only takes a millimeter or two and the ball wont run true.

Its easily identified on a spirit level. One end will look level generally and the other end will fall away. No matter what you do with the leg levellers you can't rid the table of this problem!

If you already have a table with this issue, you just need to place a beer mat or two under the slate and it will rectify this. But here at Superpool we have our own solutions which we fit in the tables before delivery so you shouldn't encounter the problem.

Dining tables often come with internal levellers which are easily accessed. However Games Room and Pub Style tables don't at the lower price levels.

So Pool Diner tables are great to play on!

Very little actually once you've solved any dishing problems.

The factories want to keep the builds as similar as possible. They use the same top frame (cushion area), cushions and slate bed for every table. They just change the body design.

With dining table ranges all the bodies are the same they just change the legs.

So all the tables will play the same, be they a standard table or a diner.

We abide by our manufacturers guarantees in most cases, but we'd advise you to check your goods before accepting them.

Often we are happy to help resolve your issues whether its replacing the goods or initiating repairs but it should be remembered that some products are considered consumables. This means they will need replacing over time and will include cloth, balls, chalk and cues unless its a manufacturing fault.

The cloth is always the main concern. Both speed and napped cloth need to be looked after (speed still needs an ocassional brush). This is simply done with a pool table brush, and for napped cloth an ocassional iron.

However the cloth comes with no gaurantees unless due to a manufacturing fault, which would generally be obviuos on delivery as it will be in the form of a mark or even a lump. this happens very occassionally but we will be happy to discuss this with you and sort out a solution.

You should be aware that very ocasionally the cloth may 'Slip". This may mean that your baulk line seems curved as its generally where its noticed first! This is always due to the contact glue reactivating due to the heat and/ or humidity in your room in times of extremley hot weather. They can also 'Dry out' where the glue loses its sticking power and the cloth comes away. Again this is due to cold temperatures and most often seen in 'Mancave"/ Garden Room locations. These generally happen over a period of time but obviously depend on temperature and humidity variations in your room. it can also happen to outdoor tables especially if in direct sunlight for some time. It is very occassional and often simple to fix yourself but it is part of owning a pool table and is not covered within our gaurantees..

There is very little that goes wrong with most tables, but don't hesitate to contact us if you do have an issue you'd like to discuss.

Want to save some money? On a tight budget?

Can you really save money buying second hand? You should remember that in the case of second hand tables, most have come from years in pubs and clubs.

Whilst we always endeavor to repair and 'Tidy' the exterior of the table, there will be scratches and blemishes that we can't hide.....But the table will play to tournament standard. These are all reflected in pricing.

There are some very good 30-40 year old pool tables out there. The original major UK brand Superleague made several models. Some of tgeir inovations are still used today. And they were the first to define a modern UK table. They were so successsful that all other manufacturers followed their lead.

Many models of older tables used quality materials and therefore a 40 year old pool table cann still be a great buy.

We would advise against a second hand dining table and we generally dont deal in them at Superpool. Although everyone says they dont mind a scratch or blemish.........thats never the case when the table is delivered. The dining table is a piece of furntiure and feature in many homes. Nicks, scratches and bangs are rarely tolerated.

So the rule is;

If your table needs to be like new.......Then you should buy a new table. Its very rare the second hand table wont come without some character!

Superpool offer free delivery for all customers in the United Kingdom mainland, provided that the delivery is for ground floor and has easy access from road to room.

We are always updating this section so please pop back from time to time