Nebraska Oak Rosetta English Pool Dining Table by SUPERPOOL.
Nebraska Oak Rosetta English Pool Dining Table by SUPERPOOL.
Nebraska Oak Rosetta English Pool Dining Table by SUPERPOOL.


Nebraska Oak Finish

Hand Made in the UK

INCLUDES - ARAMITH Reds and Yellows, 2 Cues, Chalk and Triangle


Manufactured by Superpool UK.

Built To Order - 6-10  Weeks


The ROSETTA is a Modern style, hand made, Laminated dining table which easily converts into an English pool table. With straight legs and hidden levellers the table has plenty of legroom and can be easily levelled if required when converted into a pool table  There's the option of a matching wooden two piece dining top or two piece 'Easy lift' glass dining top at a small extra cost,  The Tournament Standard English Pool, Playing surface, and quality accessories, makes this is a great addition to any dining area.

The structure is plywood with Sapele Supports (mahogany like hardwood) for the slate, so the table is extremley sturdy.

Quick drop quiet pockets, ensure there's little noise when the table is in use later in an evening. The Ball collection is accessed by a discreet drop down door at one end. There are no return 'Holes' or those giveaway pool table style chrome corners to 'spoil' your dining table!

With a matching wooden dining top or Two Peice 'Easy Lift' glass dining top, the ROSETTA offers a great dining experience with a modern setting. The 7' x 4', especially, offers a larger than normal dining area compared to a standrd dining table. AND you can entertain your family and friends with a game of pool after diner!

The tables playing area is designed to offer a full tournament playing experience with a  3/4" Slate bed, quick drop quiet pockets, and easy level feet. A great response from the tournament standard cushions gives a truer game experience with a natural bounce for the ball.  The  ROSETTA by SUPERPOOL is complimented with a quality speed or napped professional pool cloth, top quality Aramith Pool Balls, Two cues as well as chalk and a triangle.

The table is available in 7' x 4' and 6' x 3'.  English Pool table sizes are based on the tables outside measurements.

  • 6' x 3' - 1900mm x 1100mm x 800mm   
  • 7' x 4' (Standard Tournament Size) - 2132mm X 1217mm X 800mm (210kgs)

You should have a minimum 4' space around the table so for a 7' table, minimum room size would be 15' x 12'. We can supply shorter cues should you have a tight space.

There are two types of cloth available with the table

Speed Cloth - This is a pool cloth with a wool nylon blend offering a very flat, fast surface. American pool is played on Speed cloth. In the UK Speed cloth is used in a variety of environments as it is low maintenance and hard wearing. Its a great surface for teenagers just starting out in the game as the speed of the cloth ensures they quickly learn to play gentler shots to ensure potting the balls. Speed cloth is available ElitePro (from Hainsworth), SuperPro with SpillGaurd (from Miliken)and Strachan 861, the main tournament cloth. There are a variety of colours available

Napped Cloth - This is a 100% wool cloth originally made for Snooker tables. With the playing area of English pool tables being smaller there are a variety of napped cloths available specifically for English pool with a shorter nap than its snooker equivalent. The one way directional nap allows better cue ball control. If napped is your choice we would advise purchasing a brush and cloth cleaner spray to ensure the playing surface is kept in top condition. Napped cloth is available in 6811 (West Of England, Players Choice) and Smart (Hainsworth)


Accessory Package

The table is supplied with two Standard cues, a set of Aramith Red & Yellow balls, chalk and a triangle. A variety of upgrades are available including, Aramith Professional ProCup Pool Ball sets. We can also supply table covers, light canopy’s, snooker balls and a variety of maintenance products for your table

There are a variety of delivery options available dependent on your location but standard delivery and installation is included to ground floor easy access locations. Lead times for delivery are approximately 10 working days. Please don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss your requirements. We are always happy to offer our experience to aid your decision.

By ticking the Standard Product boxes you will receive the basic package which includes - Table, Nebraska Oak Exterior Finish, Choice of cloths, 2 Cues, Set of Aramith Reds and Yellows Balls, Chalk and a Triangle.

Nebraska Oak Rosetta English Pool Dining Table by SUPERPOOL.

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